ITALIAE VILLAS is a Project born after years of experience on the real estate sector in which, since the first day have been carefully taken care of every single detail, from the project of Villas to the construction.
The thorough search of properties, directly conducted by us, aim at the best collocation of the real estates to the appropriate and selected clients. These are the reasons why our company invest on massive and significant advertising and marketing campaign, with the goal of reaching offers and demands by the target market.

Passion and elegance are the key features of all Baiocco Villas projects.

Company Profile

Discover your dream home among our Villas, Luxury Farmhouses and Prestigious Properties for sale in Umbria.

Ancient farmsteads, immersed in green Umbrian valleys, are entrusted to Baiocco’s skilful hands and transformed into luxury, modern villas, complete with all technological comforts, but also in full respect of their history and the charm of their location.

Every Baiocco house holds centre stage in a unique and original project, which starts from studying the original structure and includes planning for substantial, modern internal areas, aimed at bringing out the colours and the individuality of each building. This frees the true soul of each farmhouse, and right from the first phases of the build, it allows its history to re-emerge.

This meticulous quest for uniqueness and history is combined with the highest work standards, the result of our constantly keeping up with the latest developments in product quality and technological innovation, as well as our expertise acquired over many years’ experience in the sector.

Are you looking for a luxury home for sale in Umbria, Toscana, Italy?

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